Shattered Silence

The sounds carried through the air; a chorus of tiny voices high pitched and fervent.  She searched around her, the shattered silence disorientating her.  She had been walking with only her own angst ridden breaths as comfort for too long, yet the sounds that now surrounded her were unwelcome.  The anonymity of each voice distressed her; the tone of angelic innocence scratching at a memory she had long suppressed.  She closed her eyes, scrunching them tight and bringing her fists to her ears.  But her vain attempts were too late.  They were here and they weren’t going to let go.


Clarice’s Dream

The thudding noise of Clarice’s dreams had entered the real world.  It was no longer a sign that he was coming, but a sign that he was already here.  His dark shadow now loomed in the corner of the room, growing with each snatched glance she dare take it eclipsed the real world.  His shape became indefinable as it swallowed her safe place, forever tainting it with his suffocating presence.  Clarice remained frozen as he loomed over her, feeling a chill like an icy burn as he weighted her down.  He was here and he wasn’t leaving without her.