Murder on my Mind

He stood by the river bank with murder on his mind.  It had been too long and his body was becoming restless.  His blood boiled hot so that his whole body screamed, the monster inside protesting against its incarceration.  He had been watching her with a desire so strong he thought it would be never-ending, and he knew the time was near.  Each night he fantasised, her contorted face emblazoned in his memory as he hacked, strangled and beat his way to ecstasy; his actions the shields against insanity.  The madness of his monster needed to be fed. 


The Farewell Speech

The ticking of the clock grew louder with each second.  It drowned out everything else; the wailing of the rosy cheeked, tear streaked baby, the incessant ringing of the phone, the clatter of nails against computer keys.  She looked around at the sterile surroundings of the hospital waiting room.  White walls, easy clean lino and rub down chairs.  The obligatory stack of well thumbed magazines on a table wedged between chairs.  She jumped, her name called out over a speaker that she hadn’t noticed before.   All eyes on her, her introduction to the stage.  Her farewell speech.