Silent Screams

There was so much she wanted to say; things that had been left unsaid for an eternity.  Inside her head she’d screamed them so loud, but had never given them any sound.  She really was the coward they professed her to be.

Her stomach knotted and churned as the words resonated inside.  She knew them all exactly so that their meaning could not be mistaken, the message misinterpreted.  But as he held her in his arms she found only silence escaped her parted lips, with his breath warm against her skin quieting the voices screaming to be heard.



The rain fell from a clear sky, an impossible feat only summer could achieve.  The grass became fragranced, the dew glistening upon every blade.  She kicked off her shoes and scrunched her bare toes in the damp earth, inhaling the sweet scent of fresh rain.  A breeze stirred and tickled at her skin, the hairs on her arms raising from its soft caress.  The air had cooled and she finally felt able to move.  The day had suffocated her, imprisoned her until all she yearned was freedom.  She began to walk, no destination in mind, the gentle breeze her guide.

The Shore Line

Waves brayed against rocks, foaming at the mouth.  Spittle sprayed over the shoreline; white crests broken in temper.  Cries of foreign lands and all the spaces in between beaten in adversity.  He sobbed then, his skin drenched in salted tears of shore and soul.  A fog rolled in, dense and dreamlike it swallowed the world.  He embraced it as it embraced him; a veil of comfort set to obscure and deceive.  His safe space, a womb of hope and new beginnings.   A shaft of light piercing, a horn bellowing; unbroken they remained.

Blank Space

They wanted her to paint a picture, but she had never painted in her life.

“Just paint what you feel,” the nurse had told her.

She sat and stared at the vivid whiteness of the canvas.  She was surrounded by green gardens basking in yellow suns peeping from corners and rainbows stretching and arcing in fluid strokes.  But that wouldn’t be her masterpiece.  She selected the smallest brush she could find and dipped it in black, scrawling her name in the corner.  Her picture painted, her feelings exposed.  A blank space amidst a world of sunshine and rainbows.