There’s No Place Like Home

David stood bewildered.  Surveying the scene before him, there was little evidence of the home he had once known.  The formerly deep red carpet had faded to a grubby pink as it basked in the sunlight that poured through the bay window of 147 Sutton Street.  Evidence of its past peeked from beneath decades old furniture as he moved it this way and that, trying to get it just right.  But as hard as he tried, home remained always just out of his reach.


A Mother’s Love

She regarded his sad face and couldn’t help but laugh.  He looked pitiful; standing with only one shoe, tears falling for the one that lay abandoned beside him.  “Bad mother,” she scolded herself, but it did nothing to abate the chuckling that escaped her.  She knelt down, carefully guiding his foot into the discarded shoe and fastening the velcro tightly.  Entirely clothed once more, his tears no more than a sniffle, he beamed at her.  She kissed his forehead, wiped the dribble that had escaped his nose and knew she couldn’t love him more than she did in this moment.