The Snow

Snow fell.  It filled in the footsteps that she had let behind, no trace of her remained in the white expanse.  They would never know. 

This hadn’t been the plan, but somehow everything was falling into place better than she could have hoped.  She smiled to herself, hypnotised by the swirls of white flakes dancing in the dark of the night.  It would all be okay, there was nothing to worry about now.  She felt safe in the silence of the storm and that was all that mattered.  But the silence was short lived as the baby began to cry. 


Thank You

His words offered very little comfort, though he spoke them sincerely enough.  It was in his eyes, she thought.  Kind eyes, kind soul.  She chuckled to herself then, thinking that was something her mother would say.  Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, she mused.

A silence lingered before she stood to leave when something stopped her.  “Thank you,” she said simply to him.  He looked at her, slightly puzzled but still that same kindness in his eyes.  “You probably don’t hear that very often,” she said as if in way of explanation, though she knew it wasn’t.

The Shadow Man

His hat had a wide brim that hid his face, casting a shadow that plunged him into a darkness that suited him well.  He turned up his collar, sheltering from the cold wind as he turned into the deserted street.  The lights flickered as he walked, alerting those hiding behind barred windows that he wandered the streets.  Curtains twitched as he paraded the pavement, a sneer unseen across his face.  He stopped at a door as he pulled a note from his pocket, then without warning raised his leg and kicked it open.  Inside they screamed, but no one came.


The rain fell from a clear sky, an impossible feat only summer could achieve.  The grass became fragranced, the dew glistening upon every blade.  She kicked off her shoes and scrunched her bare toes in the damp earth, inhaling the sweet scent of fresh rain.  A breeze stirred and tickled at her skin, the hairs on her arms raising from its soft caress.  The air had cooled and she finally felt able to move.  The day had suffocated her, imprisoned her until all she yearned was freedom.  She began to walk, no destination in mind, the gentle breeze her guide.