The Shadow Man

His hat had a wide brim that hid his face, casting a shadow that plunged him into a darkness that suited him well.  He turned up his collar, sheltering from the cold wind as he turned into the deserted street.  The lights flickered as he walked, alerting those hiding behind barred windows that he wandered the streets.  Curtains twitched as he paraded the pavement, a sneer unseen across his face.  He stopped at a door as he pulled a note from his pocket, then without warning raised his leg and kicked it open.  Inside they screamed, but no one came.


The rain fell from a clear sky, an impossible feat only summer could achieve.  The grass became fragranced, the dew glistening upon every blade.  She kicked off her shoes and scrunched her bare toes in the damp earth, inhaling the sweet scent of fresh rain.  A breeze stirred and tickled at her skin, the hairs on her arms raising from its soft caress.  The air had cooled and she finally felt able to move.  The day had suffocated her, imprisoned her until all she yearned was freedom.  She began to walk, no destination in mind, the gentle breeze her guide.

The Very First Step

She awoke to blue skies, underneath her fresh green grass soft to the touch.  She raked her hands through the blades, grasped at a tuft and uprooted it from the earth.  She inhaled its fresh scent; scrunching it up to tickle her nose, a sneeze escaping.  She laughed, throwing the grass into the air, letting it fall down upon her.  Then she stood, brushing the dirt off her dress she took a determined step forward, her footing sure on strange ground.  She was going on an adventure, and every adventure began with the very first step.   

The Farewell Speech

The ticking of the clock grew louder with each second.  It drowned out everything else; the wailing of the rosy cheeked, tear streaked baby, the incessant ringing of the phone, the clatter of nails against computer keys.  She looked around at the sterile surroundings of the hospital waiting room.  White walls, easy clean lino and rub down chairs.  The obligatory stack of well thumbed magazines on a table wedged between chairs.  She jumped, her name called out over a speaker that she hadn’t noticed before.   All eyes on her, her introduction to the stage.  Her farewell speech.